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Sandy Seats FAQ

Q. Is the lounge comfortable?

A. Surprisingly so! The sand is made firm with compaction and LOTS of water, which keeps the surface much cooler than the loose sand you walk through. We mak the top layer just a bit looser, with just enough "give" to keep you from feeling you are on a plastic or wooden surface. Covering the seat with a towle or blanket or even some cushions increase the comfort level as well as the longevity of your furniture. Furthermore, being elevated about all the loose stuff makes it a lot easier to keep sand from getting in your food/drinks/electronics, etc.

Q. I'm a big guy/gal. Will mere sand and water really support me?

A. Using standard procedures, we can build furniture that will support most humans. If you are exceptionally large, let me know and we will build in some extra support.

Q. How long will my furniture last?

A. With normal use, and assuming nobody actively attempts to tear it down, your furniture should last for several days, with minimal upkeep.

Q. What can I do to make it last longer?

A. Refrain from perching on the edges - try to keep your weight evenly distributed. Keep surfaces covered with towels or blankets to help prevent them from drying out. If the surface gets crumbly, splash some water on it.

Q. Can you make an umbrella/shade out of sand as well?

A. Nope. But we can build one into your configuration - either one provided by you or purchased/rented from me.

Q. How do we keep other people off our furniture?

A. The best way is by using it yourself. Keeping it covered with your personal towel/blanket when you are away will discourage others from using it. Carving your name into it is also a good plan.

Q. Will you just rent us the equipment necessary to create our own furniture?

A. Sure thing! We will charge you whatever it would cost to replace it and if you return it to us in good shape you will get 75% of that money back.

Spring Break

  • A bed for your keg
  • A lounge to laze on
  • A cup-holding throne
  • A big friendly sofa

(The guys with the couches get the chicas ;)


  • A sandy loveseat for a photo shoot
  • A custom alter
  • Special pews for family members
  • Aisle-defining Pillers for attaching flowers

Combine with group sandcastle lessons and/or custom centerpieces

Beach Parties

Birthdays, Retirement, Graduation, Memorial Service, Anniversary, Reunion...
any excuse for a gathering!


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